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Cashflow – How to protect your business

The continuing talk of “double-dip recession”, slow payments from customers and other economic woes can be a cause of concern to managers of SMEs.

Although your company may be profitable, cashflow can still become a challenge.

Your customers may be delaying payment to you so they can pay HMRC, their employees or even other suppliers. Your focus, though, needs to be on running your business not theirs!

You need to be able to concentrate on winning business and fulfilling orders – not on worrying when your customers are going to pay and what to do if they don’t.

The ideal answer would remove the unpredictability of the timing of customers’ payments and the time spent chasing them and provide additional working capital along with bad debt protection should your customer go bust.

An Invoice Finance solution can meet all those needs. You are able to get:

Follow this link to see how this helped one business inpractice.

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