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Are You Ready for the Christmas Cashflow Squeeze?

With the Christmas holidays coming, both you and your staff are probably looking forward to an extended period off work. Whilst the break can be enjoyable, the bills still have to be paid – Funds are needed for payments for suppliers, rent, rates, holiday pay, PAYE…

A few key points to bear in mind, as always, start with planning ahead…

  1. Plan ahead...

    Running out of cash is not the sort of surprise you want – Neither your bankers nor your suppliers will be too impressed either! 

    Planning and monitoring your cashflow so that ups and downs can be anticipated is vital.

    Anticipation both helps you to sleep at night and will encourage others to be more willing to work with you.


  2. Collect debts...
    1. Make credit checks and set credit limits on all credit customers.
    2. Send invoices out promptly and start chasing payments as soon as they become due.
    3. Resolve any disputes quickly (e.g. if the customer claims the goods were faulty, deal with it).
    4. Consider factoring your debts if you wish to minimise the admin burden…


  3. Manage Suppliers...
    1. Take full advantage of payment terms. Pay on time, not early!!!
    2. Think carefully about suppliers' offers of discounts for early payment. They can work out as expensive loans to your suppliers, but may provide you with a chance to reduce overall costs.
    3. The lowest price shouldn’t be the only factor when purchasing. Sometimes more flexible payment terms can improve your cash flow more than a rock-bottom price.


  4. Survive any shortfall...
    1. Being aware of any situation before it arises is the key
    2. Monitoring cashflow, particularly in the current environment, should be a high priority.
    3. Discuss the situation with your funding providers
    4. Consider arranging invoice finance
      • This can offer a solution to immediate or anticipated cashflow shortages.

Follow this link to see how one business ultimately benefitted from making the right choice...

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