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Why do people read reviews on Amazon?

When you want to buy something you will as a matter of course read how the manufacturer or retailer describes their product. They will give a full technical description of the product and provide some key points about the product.

However, we all know that they are going to highlight the points where they consider their product better than their competitorsí similar products. So, on we will drift down the page and read what reviews have to say and see what negative points there are that we should consider. We want to hear what someone with nothing to gain thinks!

Thatís the value of an independent opinion Ė it means we get a fuller picture of the relative merits of competing products.

The same principle applies with business finance and, particularly, factoring. All factoring companies have many good points, which they will highlight. To get a full picture and to be able to make an informed decision about which is best for your business, it is of value to get an independent view. And thatís where factoring brokers can provide you with valuable assistance.

We have previously discussed the sort of questions you may have that a broker can answer, at no cost to you. Some have been: -

  1. Which factors specialise in your trade or industry and size of business?

    Different factors focus on different industries and tend to offer better rates in those areas.

  2. What different types of fee structures are available?

    Some may offer what appear to be attractive rates but in the end may prove more expensive. It is important to take into account discount fees, service charges, monthly minimums etc. A broker can help ensure you fully understand the pros and cons before you make a decision.

  3. Will the factor offer the flexibility you need?

    You may think that your businesses circumstances will change over the period of the factoring agreement. A broker will be able to recommend a factor who understands that your needs may change and is willing to work with you.

  4. How can you present your company most effectively to a potential factor?

    Presenting your business in the best possible light will ensure that you receive the most favourable rates available. A brokerís knowledge and expertise will help you get the best possible rates.

These are a few important questions that a broker can help you address when considering invoice finance.

The advice will cost you nothing and will ensure you have the full picture. That way, you can avoid potentially expensive mistakes in the long term.

Why not call us for a no-charge, no-obligation chat about the options that are available and how these can help your business progress?


Ian Jones (Head of Business Development) on 0161 438 8555 or 07801 858737, or

Stephen Devonport (Business Development Manager) on 0161 438 8555


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