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Construction Finance – Unique solutions to unique challenges…

The challenging conditions that we all currently face have impacted particularly heavily on firms working in the construction industry. With the future looking likely to remain uncertain, ensuring that your company’s funding needs can be met is a challenge but there are possible solutions. There are funding solutions that can provide the flexibility and certainty that sub-contractors in the construction industry need.

It is possible to make funding arrangements that provide: -

There are a variety of possible providers. However, ensuring that the right one is chosen is key to the success of the arrangement. It is vital that the provider understands the nature of the construction industry and is willing to work alongside the issues inherent when funding against contract debts.

We at Factoring and Invoice Discounting can help you to arrange a flexible financing solution appropriate for a construction company.

Follow this link to see how a construction company was able to use this type of facility to deal with the challenging business environment successfully...

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